Regular exchange

The e-COMMA partners cooperate on an international level. Regular project meetings guarantee a vivid workflow, supports decision-making and offers the opportunity to present and discuss recent results.

  • 6. July 2018 – Transnational project meeting in Rome (Italy): The partners visited the final Multiplier Event on 5. July 2018. During the TPM thy agreed on the final steps to take.

  • 9. – 10. April 2018 – Transnational project meeting in Wroclaw (Poland): The partners visited the e-COMMA pilot training and agreed on further actions.

  • 23. – 24. October 2017 – Transnational project meeting in Arcachon (France): The partners decided on the e-COMMA pilot training and agreed on further action points.

  • 17. July 2017 – Transnational project meeting in Munich (Germany): The project partners discussed the progress and results, and agreed on the next steps.

  • 9. – 10. March 2017 – Transnational project meeting in Wroclaw (Poland): The project partners discussed project results and agreed on the actions to take.

  • 20. – 21. October 2016 – Transnational project meeting in La Teste de Buch (France): The project partners discussed first results and agreed on the next steps to go.

  • 22. April 2016 – Kick-off meeting in Munich (Germany): The first meeting of the project. The partners agree on the first action points.




Contact persons

Wroclaw, Poland

Maciej Czarnecki, 

Gujan-Mestras, France 
Martine Gaury,

Rome, Italy
Enrico Messinese, 

Katowice, Poland
Agata Austen, 

Essen, Germany
Johanna Gelberg,

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